10 Useful Strategies to Prevent and Reduce Ageing

prevent ageing

It is an inevitable consequence of getting older. As we age, so too does our skin and this can, of course, lead to wrinkles, discolouration, and other impurities that can have us looking for the next quick fix. But I can tell you that many skin products that you see often do not do what they advertise. There are a handful of creams out there that I have tested which are sure to turn back the clock, but it takes time. What if I told you that you did not have to spend all this money on expensive repairs? What if I told you there are some simple measures you can take to avoid skin ageing and the impurities that come with it? Below I have outlined my top 10 tips to prevent and reduce skin ageing before those wrinkles get too deep!

            #1- Avoid sun damage

Sun damage can cause an array of skin impurities, wrinkles, sunspots and will leave our skin looking much older. So to successfully reduce the signs of ageing, you need to protect yourself from the sun! Now, this does not mean avoiding the sun altogether. We are not hermits! But when you do need to spend time outdoors, take steps to avoid burning and damage. This means we all need to slip, slop, slap! You can use a moisturiser that has an SPF rating, generally, 30+ or higher is sufficient for daily use. This is technically like wearing sunscreen every day. Next, I like to opt for a hat and sunglasses, typically very on-trend in summer as it is. Avoiding standing out in the direct sun all day is also a must if you want to keep your skin looking young and smooth!

            #2- Quit smoking

Smoking is and for your long-term health. It can cause cancer, emphysema, and other unwanted conditions, but it is also terrible for your skin! The chemicals in your cigarettes speed up the skins natural ageing process, so you will appear quite a bit older than you are! For the benefit of you and your family quitting smoking, although difficult, will be worth it in the long run!

            #3- Apply fake tan as opposed to a real tan

Whether you enjoy the tanning beds or lying out on the beach all day, tanning is just concentrated sun damage. I opted to sway the tanning for a gradual tanning cream. It moisturises and nourishes my skin and leaves me with a healthy and satisfying glow that you would never know came from a bottle! Do the best thing by your skin and quit the tanning for good!

            #4- Eat healthy

The first thing I did to set myself on the right track towards a healthier me, and better skin, changed my diet. This can be done gradually, but adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet will do wonders from your skin. It can help with blemishes and will also keep your skin looking younger for years to come.

            #5- Reduce your alcohol intake

Alcohol will dehydrate you, and along with all the other issues that are caused by excessive alcohol consumption your skin will suffer too. I saw an amazing transformation when I began to ditch the daily glass of wine with dinner, and you can too!

            #6- Use a gentle cleanser

I find that a gentle cleanser is the best way to properly rid your skin of all those nasties you pick up during the day. Excessive dirt clogging the pores will stop your skin from being able to properly clean itself and causes issues such as wrinkles.

            #7- Exercise regularly

Regular exercise has many benefits, but did you know that it will help to reduce skin ageing too? Exercising every other day has kept my skin taught and prevents wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Not only is it good for your body overall, but it can have a great effect on your skin too.

            #8- Wash your face twice a day

If you do not do it already, washing your face twice a day is a perfect way to keep it clean and also prevent the signs of ageing. It can reduce wrinkles and also prevent age spots on the skin. I wash my face once in the morning and once when I return home for the evening, but it is important to also wash your face following exercise as this rids your skin of sweat which can cause blemishes and acne too.

            #9- Stay hydrated

Keeping your fluids up is key to reducing the skins of ageing in the skin. When the skin especially dries out you are more likely to experience wrinkles. Drinking enough fluids during the day, usually around 2L is recommended, can drastically reduce the look of wrinkles and keep your skin feeling plump! Another tried and tested method I have utilised to keep my youthful appearance and it does work!

            #10- Use a daily moisturiser

I have already specified that a daily moisturiser with an SPF rating is a must for your anti-ageing skincare routine, but there is another reason why it is necessary to prevent and reduce skin ageing. It will keep your skin hydrated, which means that it reduces wrinkles too!

With the above useful tips, you can keep your skin looking young and healthy for longer! Most are easy lifestyle changes that will make the world of difference. By changing just one thing at a time I could see the effect that each adjustment had on my skin and the signs of ageing. It was amazing to see what a difference it made in such a short period! You cannot put a price on time, but you can take the steps to minimise the effects of skin ageing, one day at a time.

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